Your daily actions matter so use the power of cause and effect

Your daily actions matter so use the power of cause and effect

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“From little things, big things grow.”  (Sing it if you know it!).  Just as water can carve rock, our small consistent daily actions move us towards our goals.  Whether we are talking about a business, fitness, or financial goal, the lesson is the same.  The power of cause and effect in our daily actions, helps us to achieve our goals.

The song, “From little things, big things grow” by Kev Carmody has a deeper and more important historical background, however it clearly signals the power of individuals to act and make a difference.

Sometimes it can seem that our capacity to achieve a big goal is limited.  We can feel powerless, or less powerful than we might wish.  This can lead to limited, inconsistent, or no action at all towards our goals.  We may feel that our small actions aren’t going to make a meaningful difference, so why bother?

To paraphrase Marianne Williamson, we are not inadequate but rather our daily actions make us powerful beyond measure.  When we examine the goals that we wish to achieve, and then work backwards to consider the steps or process that will deliver the desired outcome, we are ever closer to creating our ideal future.

Will everything go smoothly? Of course not.  However even a bumpy road will arrive at its destination if you maintain forward momentum and learn as you go.  It is natural that we will experience setbacks in our efforts or results.  This is to be expected and we must allow ourselves some grace whilst also setting an overall standard that we can be proud of.

The quality of our daily actions is important.  And because results may not be immediately visible, we need to have confidence that we are following a plan that makes sense for us.  More, that it is a proven plan which will get us where we want to go.

Every day is an opportunity to gain an inch on your goals.  As you move forward throughout the days, months, and years, remember to feel confident that you are taking the action required.  A regular check-in on your progress will also assist in maintaining your motivation and enthusiasm for the work that remains.  You may also benefit from sharing the journey with an accountability partner who can cheer you on and nudge you back on course as required.

“From little things, big things grow.”  Would you like help top move ahead? Let’s schedule a Zoom chat together about your goals.

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”
P.T. Barnum
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