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Move from anxiety and stress to confidence.

The reality and “busy”-ness of modern life can weigh us down. It can stop us living our best lives with the people we love. Although money itself doesn’t make you happy, it sure can feel overwhelming when things aren’t going well.
The good news is that everyone can learn to manage money better and when you do, you’ll have more of it. Getting in control and building wealth is an intentional act. By looking forward and working a plan to control your variables you can Win with Money.

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Sloan Wilkins

AGSM Executive MBA

When I was 12 years old, I found out what financial devastation feels like.
Life had been pretty good until then, but it all fell apart.
We lost our business, our place in the community, and our family home.

Bearing those financial scars, I worked hard to achieve my own success in life.
But as my income multiplied, apparently so did my capacity to make dumb decisions.
Outwardly it looked fine, but secretly I had way too much debt, I was embarrassed, and only ever one pay cheque away from real trouble.

With a change in behaviour and the right plan, I cleared debt, sorted myself financially and built wealth through making smarter and more intentional decisions.  That sense of pride and financial confidence feels great.  Looking back however, I know with the right guidance, I could have done it even earlier and easier.

I’m grateful for my experiences in life, they’ve delivered the lessons I needed, and given me the humility, compassion, and competency to serve others. 

Sloan Wilkins
Sloan Wilkins
Everyone can learn to manage money better and when you do, you’ll have more of it.